According to the New York Daily News, Barry Bonds tested positive for amphetamines during a drug test in the 2006 season and then had the balls to say he got it from a teammate. Barry had stated that he received the substance in question from Mark Sweeney, one of his teammates with the San Francisco Giants last season.

Mark Sweeney’s agent, Barry Axelrod, had this to say about his client’s involvement:

“Mark was made aware of the fact that his name had been brought up. But he did not give Barry Bonds anything, and there was nothing he could have given Barry Bonds.”

Gene Orza, COO of the Major League Baseball Players Association made Sweeney aware that Bonds had failed the drug test and then told Sweeney, he need to remove any illegal substances from his locker and not to give them to any of his teammates. Sweeney told Orza he had nothing illegal in his locker.

Major League Baseball instituted a new drug policy in the wake of the Congressional Hearings on steroid use in baseball last season. The first failed test for amphetamines meant the player would have to be tested six times during the season. Also, there names wouldn’t be made public unlike when a player failed a steroid test. If a player tests positive for amphetamines a second time, they would be subject to a 25 game suspension.

Well well Mr Bonds. The truth comes out. Here you are in the past saying that you had never tested positive for any illegal drug use and now this. It takes balls to blame your problems on a teammate. I am pretty sure that won’t alienate you from your teammates next season. NOT! I think this might be very bad for you as well. Seeing how the language in your new $16 million dollar contract for next season isn’t finished. Why the hangup? Oh, that’s right, people think you have lied in the past so the Giants are just trying to cover their asses in case you get indicted for lying to the Grand Jury or have any other legal issues.

It’s bad enough that all the Mark McGwire talk took away from Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. And just two days after this, Barry Bonds and his amphetamine usage and subsequent failing of a drug test has to take from it too. The only obvious thing that comes from this is that he didn’t test positive for a second time. Or did he? Did the Major League Baseball gestapo cover it up? Obviously they might have since we are just know finding out about him failing a drug test. Yes, by the rules of the new labor agreement, his name didn’t have to be published. But yet somehow the story was made public.

Here’s to you Barry Bonds, I hope you enjoy prison

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