Is It March 1st Already?

While we are up here cleaning up this morning from the snowstorm last night, Manny Ramirez has decided to report to camp, 3 days earlier than he had asked for. When he was asked by the media why he decided to show up early, Manny had this to say:

“The Red Sox had said I could report to camp on March 1st so I could be with mi madre. I had asked her for permission to go to the car auction in Atlantic City and she said yes. I figured since I didn’t have to be in camp until March 1st and they were gonna pay me, I’d go.”

Ok, that is complete fiction. According to the article that is linked, it’s known whether or not he had his physical. He has been out in the batting cages and is now working out with the team. It is great to see Manny come to his senses and get his butt into camp. He is an integral part of the lineup and the more time he spends at spring training, the better. 10:25 AM Update: Manny’s agent, Greg Genske, met with the the media for a short period of time and had this to say as reported by Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe.

  • He refused to give any details about the health of Ramirez’s mother other than to say she had a “very, very serious medical issue in the offseason.” He would not disclose when she had surgery, even though a reporter pointed out it would make a difference whether it was in November or if it was 10 days ago.
  • Both Genske and Gene Matos, Manny’s other agent, claimed to have no knowledge of a classic car auction in Atlantic City over the weekend. Promoters of that auction had advertised that Ramirez would make an appearance Saturday.
  • Genske said that he did not have any conversations with the Red Sox regarding a possible trade of Ramirez.
  • Genske also would not respond to a question about last season that cited respected ESPN report Peter Gammons’ opinion that Ramirez “went on vacation last August.” Genske said only: “I’m not going to comment on someone else’s opinion.”When asked what his opinion was about last season, Genske said, “I’m not going to talk about last season.”
  • Genske added that Manny’s knee is fine. Matos said it is not a chronic condition.
  • That is great news to hear that Manny’s knee is fine. Hopefully he can stay healthy during the upcoming season.