UConn Huskies football coach Bob Diaco and his staff talk about what the fans can expect to see in today’s Blue/White Spring Game at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT at 3 p.m.

Running backs coach David Corley:

First and foremost, attention to detail. Making sure that we’re lined correctly, know our assignments. Then just being very physical. Being physical whether we’re running the ball and a tackler is coming to bring us down. Being very physical trying to finish the run. For blocking assignments, attack the defenders.

Defensive line coach Kevin Wolthausen:

Hopefully they see a group of guys that plays hard together. Playing a unit and encouraging to each other. Playing aggressively on offense and doing these things they want to do defensively. Hopefully, the fans get a flavor of what we’re going to be.

Defensive coordinator Anthony Pointdexter:

We just want to keep the points down. Keep giving the ball back to the offense. Playing good, solid sound defense.

Offensive coordinator Mike Cummings:

We want to move the football. We want to run it, throw it, throw it down field. We want to show that we have a running game. You want to win the game but you want to win the game doing what you’ve worked on on offense and defense.