As far as football years go, UConn Huskies DT B.J. McBryde is a young pup. He didn’t start playing the game until his senior year of high school.

With that, he’s still learning the game and according to him he hasn’t reached his peak yet.

So what does that mean as far as getting a chance at the NFL?

Obviously, he’s a project having played so little football. He does have the size and the speed to make it. His skills aren’t NFL level but those can still be developed.

Odds are that he’ll probably get a chance whether being a late round draft or being picked up as undrafted free agent. I doubt he’d make an opening day roster but I’d have to guess that he could most likely spend at least the 2015 season on someone’s practice squad working on his craft.

Watch below as McBryde talks about not giving up and wanting a chance at the NFL