Terry Francona barely squeaked by with 31% of the votes in the heated Before They Were Managers Round of the Rookie Card Playoffs. Tony La Russa, whose card was chiseled out of stone in 1904, came in second with 23% of the tallies while Joe Torre’s 1962 Topps All-Star got him only 17%. Willie Randolph was on his tail with 16% and everyone’s favorite Venezuelan hothead, Ozzie Guillen rounded out last place with 13% of the votes.


This brings us to the inevitable Slugger Round. We have some oldies and some goodies for you, including a pre-ganja Manny Ramirez, Mags before his hair was so long and luxurious, the Big Hurt copping a feel applying the tag, Cool Hand Konerko and my very first poster as a baseball-loving child, Junior himself. Who doesn’t have and cherish this card?!

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