Could this have been Jim Calhoun's last game as UConn Huskies head coach? - HARRY E. WALKER / MCT

After the 82-73 loss to the Michigan State Spartans in the Final Four, UConn Huskies head coach Jim Calhoun said that he will think about retiring a little more than he normally does each year.

Jim Calhoun says he will think about getting out of coaching because of “some things thrown around for the past couple of weeks” that have disappointed him.

“Those kind of things, that’s why Dean Smith told me at 67 he got out,” Calhoun recalled, referring to North Carolina’s retired Hall of Fame coach. “It wasn’t basketball. It was the other things.

“I love the kids, love the game. I don’t plan to go anyplace. But I’m going to give a lot of reflection, maybe more reflection than normal, because of that.”

If Calhoun were to leave, he would leave behind a great legacy at UConn despite whatever happens with the recruiting allegations. It’s a shame that it even has to come to this for Calhoun.

The big question is who would coach the Huskies should Calhoun leave? Associate head coach George Blaney is a three years older than Calhoun and assistant coach Andre LeFleur is also involved. Former assistant Tom Moore is now at Quinnipiac and is also heavily involved with the recruiting scandal.

There’s not a lot of big names out there other than Bob Knight right now that are available and while he’s expressed an interest in the right situation, the question remains would UConn be the right situation.

So if Calhoun retires, I could honestly see Central Connecticut State University head coach and former UConn assistant Howie Dickenman coming back to Storrs and guiding the Huskies.

UConn’s Calhoun to contemplate future in coaching []