Mighty Mouse

In a game that was as ugly as the weather all day Tuesday, the Red Sox outlasted the Devil Rays 16-10. The game featured 26 runs scored, 38 hits, and 13 pitches. The man pictured above, Dustin Pedroia, hit a home run to tie the game at 9 and and after that, the Sox never looked back. Jacoby Ellsbury gave himself a nice birthday present as he hit home run as well as Big Papi and J.D. Drew (homers that is). Tim Wakefield struggled again in his second outing back after missing a start and said it might be something mechanical. I didn’t know that you could have something mechanically wrong throwing a knuckleball. The good thing to come out of this game was th fact that no matter how many runs the Sox were down, they never quit. Jon Lester will step onto the hill for the Sox tonight and hopes to continue his recent good fortunes but before he does, let’s take a look at the headlines from the Boston and Tampa area media on this fall-like morning in New England.

It’s raining runs at Fenway bash [Boston Globe]

Devil Rays Unable To Seal Deal [Tampa Tribune]

No time to panic [Boston Herald]

Like old times, regrettably [St. Petersburg Times]

Super-Sized Comeback [Hartford Courant]

An offensive explosion [Pro Jo]

Rays To Be Cautious With Aces [Tampa Tribune]

Knuckleballer needs to straighten it out [Boston Globe]

Catcher arrives to relieve ailing duo [St. Petersburg Times]

Lugo has yen for Japan [Boston Herald]

Sox proving to be resilient down the stretch [Pro Jo]

Red Sox clued in to game of spy warfare [Boston Herald]

Catcher cashed in with bat [Boston Globe]

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