LA Coliseum

When the Red Sox return from Japan, they are scheduled to play the Dodgers from March 28-30 in three exhibition games in Los Angeles. Well on Sunday, the Dodgers announced that the game on March 29th will be played at the famed Los Angeles Coliseum as part of their 50th anniversary of playing in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers moved to the City of Angels back in 1958 and played their games at the Coliseum until Dodger Stadium was ready for play in 1962.

It will be interesting to see how they configure the field because the dimensions back in 1958 weren’t exactly up to par with today’s stadiums.

  • LF foul line: 251 ft.
  • LF power alley: 320 ft.
  • Center Field: 425 ft.
  • RF power alley: 380 ft.
  • RF foul line: 300 ft.

Because of the short porch in left field at the Coliseum, MLB changed rule 1.04 stating that any ballpark built after June 1, 1958 had to be a minimum of 325 feet down the lines. They did put up a screen back then that was 42 feet high to prevent routine fly balls from becoming home runs.

If the same dimensions are used, Big Papi will probably wish he hit right-handed.