yea Billick your team sucked, you got lucky vs NEJust one year after being given a contract extension through 2010 the Baltimore Ravens have fired head coach Brian Billick after 9 seasons and 1 Super Bowl Championship. The Ravens went from 13-3 in 2006 to 5-11 this year as they lost 9 games in a row at one point including one to the winless Miami Dolphins.

Now Baltimore begins its coaching search and you’re going to hear Bill Cowher’s name but I think he is going to stay in TV for another season just as he said last week.


Bill Parcells fired Dolphins GM Randy Mueller and will begin a search for a new GM. There has been no word on coach Cam Cameron but he can’t feel to good right now.

Buffalo GM Marv Levy is leaving after reaching a mutual agreement with Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson that hi run was over.

We also know that the Atlanta Falcons need at least a coach if not a GM as well after the Bobby Petrino debacle. So who else is on the NFL coaching hot seat?

Here’s my list:

  • Carolina Panthers coach John Fox
  • Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid
  • Miami Dolphins coach Cam Cameron
  • Cincinnati Benglals coach Marvin Lewis
  • New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin
  • New York Jets coach Eric Mangini
  • Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan
  • Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards
  • Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith
  • Buffalo Bills coach Dick Jauron

I’m not saying all these guys should be fired or will be fired but some of these teams were disappointments (Lewis, Mangini, Edwards, Smith). A few, may have worn out their welcome after several years (Reid, Coughlin, Fox) and a few may find there fate in the hands of new upper management (Jauron, Cameron).

I think Coughlin’s job depends on what the team does in the playoffs. If they lose next weekend in Tampa I think he’s gone. Mangini’s job depends on which coach the Jets management decides they have. The one from this year or last years playoff coach. Lewis has been taking shots at ownership and players lately almost baiting them to fire him. And now that Baltimore is open he could be a candidate to return to the team who’s defense he built. Shanahan will almost certainly stay but he’s a guy who should have gone a year or so ago, much like Billick he’s worn out his welcome.

So the carousel begins now we just sit back and wait to see who goes next.