You may or may not know this but I am a soccer fan. Or as you that aren’t in the US call it, football. So I do enjoy watching football a lot. It’s a sport I grew up watching and playing all the way through my formative years. I even played a year in college before knee injuries derailed me.

I was looking through the results for the Euro 2008 championship qualifiers and noticed this.

In the 89th minute with the game tied at 3 between Sweden and Denmark , a Danish defender was given a red card for punching a Swedish player. As a result the Swedes were awarded a penalty kick. A Danish fan didn’t like the call and tried to attack the referee on the field. Luckily for the ref, a Danish player was there and stopped the hooligan from hitting the ref.

The ref and his linesman then called the game and then it was announced by the Danish Soccer Federation that Sweden was awarded a 3-0 forfeit victory.

Here is the video of the incident.[/youtube]