The rules for the media in baseball are pretty simple. You can not get autographs from players. It even says so on signs in the clubhouses and dugouts.

“There shall be no seeking of autographs, no touching or removing of equipment or personal items from lockers, and no sampling of players food spreads. Any member of the media who violates these regulations will lose his or her accreditation.”

A Japanese baseball writer had his credentials revoked from the BBWAA after he had Roger Clemens sign a photograph. The writer had given Clemens some photographs from the game which he won his 350th game, thinking Clemens would like the photos.

The writer, Hiroki Homma, didn’t even know he broken the rules and apologized immediately. He did have his season long media pass revoked by the Yankees as well. The Yankees did understand that he didn’t do this on purpose and have been issuing him daily game passes.

With a lot more Japanese reporters now because of the increasing number of Japanese players, they are having to learn a new set of clubhouse etiquette. In Japan, you might see reporters going out to dinner with a player or spending time with a player when the team is on the road. That definitely doesn’t happen here.

It was nice of the Yankees though to understand Homma made an honest mistake. Homma can reapply for his BBWAA credentials next year.