Simon Cowell

With the World Series on FOX you’re getting more promos for “American Idol” than TBS has “Frank TV” ads.  With that in mind I have the latest person to go all “William Hung” on us.  Saturday night during Game 3 of the World Series, U.S. Air Force Staff Sargent Jody Johnson sung “God Bless America”.  And I use the term “sung” loosely.  Who the hell is picking the singers to do this stuff on the biggest stage?  Did she bribe someone?  Does she have naked pictures of Pat Gillick and Charlie Manuel holding hands and skipping together?  Is she sleeping with Davey Lopes?  Did Brett Myers bitch slap her and to avoid charges and a lawsuit the Phillies said “wanna sing?”

The whole time while I was watching S/Sgt. Johnson butcher one of America’s most enduring songs I was waiting and hoping against hope that Simon Cowell would jump out of Joe Maddon’s fur lined hat and  critique her performance.

I’m sorry I missed Patti LaBelle butcher the National Anthem before Game 4.  Because that was a doozy.