Here’s a subject that I don’t touch on at all but find very interesting because I am a fan of Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’ show.

Back in mid February, Trump challenged WWE mogul Vince McMahon to a match. It first started out as Trump wanting to wrestle McMahon. Then McMahon counter-offered that each person would choose a wrestler to represent them. Trump agreed and said that since he has the most famous hair in the world, that the winner gets to shave the loser’s head.

Well the “Hair Match” will take place at Wrestlemania 23 on April 1st in Detroit at Ford Field. Just a two days after accepting the bet, McMahon announced that the “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga would be his representative. About a week later, Trump chose ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley, would be his representative in the match.

A week later while meeting in the ring, Umaga and Lashley got into a stare-down match that eventually ignited a huge brawl that took nearly 3 dozen people to break up. This action caused the WWE directors to get together and they decided that a guest referee was in order. On March 5th on RAW, they decided that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be the guest referee.

Well on Monday night, they got together to finalize the deal by signing the contract. It was a war of words between the two billionaires and ended with Trump shoving McMahon over the table.

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WWE Battle of Billionaires Contract Signing

I, for one, will find it funny if Trump loses. Everyone knows for him for his hair kinda like everyone knows Jimmy Johnson for his. With Wrestlemania 23 being on April Fool’s Day, you can only wonder what both of these two have up their sleeves.