The New England Patriots announced on Tuesday that the club, apparently as a result of sideline altercation with the coaching staff, has released DT Albert Haynesworth.

Albert Haynesworth #92 of the New England Patriots looks on from the sideline in the first half against the New York Giants on September 1, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.On Sunday in the middle of the third quarter of the game against the New York Giants, Haynesworth had a sideline altercation with defensive line coach Pepper Johnson and possibly head coach Bill Belichick as well.

No one is talking about what the altercation was about but it appears that after being called for a penalty Haynesworth then proceeded to dog it for the next three plays before being removed.  It was when he was removed that the situation developed on the sideline.

After he was removed Haynesworth did not see the field again for the remainder of the game and afterward Belichick said his removal was based on the “rotation” of the defensive line players.  Belichick also stated that any conversations between the players and the staff remained that way.  That was on Monday, on Tuesday Haynesworth was gone.

One thing about Belichick and the Patriots, it’s his way or you’re gone.  There’s no pussyfooting, no bargaining, no promises to reform you get shown the door.

In this case it’s too bad because Haynesworth is a talented football player but apparently not so talented when it comes to real life relationships with just about anyone.  He has effectively been run out of town by his last two teams, by two coaches with sterling reputations for getting the most out of their players and for not putting up with anything.

Haynesworth is proving he can’t get along within a team system as well as in everyday life with his actions on and off the field.  Owner Robert Kraft, Belichick and the coaches, the players and a good portion of the fans were willing to give Haynesworth an opportunity to prove his pundits wrong.  In his time in Foxboro the consensus was split until Sunday when he stepped over one line and into the unemployment line.

Haynesworth, 30, was acquired from the Washington Redskins for a 5th round draft pick in July.  He was a 2002 1st round pick out of the University of Tennessee (15th overall) and made his mark in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans where he played for 7 seasons making 2 Pro Bowls and being named a NFL All-Pro twice.  Named the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year, he left Tennessee after the 2008 season when he signed a huge free agent contract with Washington that was reported for $100 million over 7 years.

It was thought that New England was a chance to rebuild his career and his reputation but alas that is not to be and now he’s gone.

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