In The Red Zone

Even with a Super Bowl loss the season was pretty successful.  As I said in the recap after the game the team needs to make some changes and I’m sure they will make every effort to improve.

They need a deep threat wide receiver, help at linebacker and in the secondary.  I did omit the fact that Ras-I Dowling will return next season after spending most of his rookie year on the IR.  He should help the secondary immensely.  If you recall he had a nice game Week 1 at Miami but then couldn’t stay on the field.

That’s pretty much it for me I’m not going rehash the season or the game, I’m past it already and I am enjoying some fried chicken and a beer waiting for baseball season.

I really think that’s why this doesn’t bother me so much is that at least the Patriots players cared about each other and played for each other and their coaches, something that didn’t happen at Fenway last September.

Up next for the team is a review of the staff and players, then the combine is soon, followed by free agency and the draft.

We will have all the pertinent information here at Sox and Dawgs.  From Ian and myself, thanks for reading this season.

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Owner Robert Kraft addressed the media on Monday after the team returned, as did head coach Bill Belichick.

The Patriots face the potential retirements of RB Kevin Faulk and G Brian Waters.  Belichick also said he thinks some of the coaches, both old and young, are considering their future as well.  He did not elaborate but I can’t fathom Belichick walking away at this point.  There may be some assistant coaches though who may pursue other coaching slots else where to build a resume.  I’d imagine that with all the change in the NFL and college coaching ranks you could see some movement.

Belichick added he “really, really enjoyed coaching this team’.

Despite the loss the team had a post game party headlined by Maroon 5 and LMFAO.  Had they won word is Aerosmith would have been the headliner.

Seems Mrs. Tom Brady (Gisele Bundchen) blew off some steam as well as she complained after the game about the receivers dropping passes. (VIDEO)

NFL Free agency hits March 13th…are you ready?

When the Patriots arrived back at Gillette Stadium on Monday they were greeted by their fans.

The team has a list of 20 free agents.

No that the season is complete the Patriots are locked in for the 31st overall pick in the first round in addition to #27 from New Orleans.

From what I have heard and read the City of Indianapolis did a bang up job hosting the Super Bowl and there are calls for the city to do more of them.

Patriots QB Tom Brady shows he is no super hero and that he hurts like everyone else.

TE Rob Gronkowski said his ankle was good, but the numbers show otherwise.

Las Vegas still loves the Patriots.  Green Bay installed as 6/1 favorites for Super Bowl XLVII, while New England is 7/1 and New Orleans is 8/1.

For those wondering the Patriots only went no huddle for 9 plays out of 62.

Nearly 81% of households with TV’s in Boston were tuned to the Super Bowl on Sunday night.  Fang’s Bites has all the over night numbers and the press release from NBC.

“Big Money’, DE Gerard Warren, says he’d like to return next season as well.

NY Giants Super Bowl Championship Merchandise

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