I am not sure how many of you here know what is a softball? It is a very classic sport that is a modified version of baseball. As I said, modified version, there are modifications and these bring the difference between the two. Softball is being played with a comparatively larger ball than baseball. When it was first invented in 1887, it was named softball as it was played with a softball. But later the balls became hard with the usage. 

The game explained

This game actually has a pace that is faster than a baseball game. As a softball player, there are certain things that one should know. It is the basic technique that is important as a softball one should know. The batting and bowling have many forms. Each of these forms is unique and mastering these is all that would take to win a match. These are the tricks that every player should know. 

This game consists of two teams. There are 9 players in each team. They line up in positions namely, pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd baseman, shortstop, left fielder, centerfielder, and the right fielder. A batter can stand on either side on the batter’s box. The choice of the side of the batter’s box lies with the player. Their job is to score runs by hitting the ball when it is pitched to them. A batter continues to play for either 3 strikes or 4 balls.

The umpire calls for play ball. This is when the game starts. There are three groups of players. The pitchers, the batsman, and the fielders. The fielders stand in their fair territory. Once they are ready in their place, the batsman also is ready in his place and then the pitcher throws the ball from the pitching plate.

The pitcher should pitch the ball in the underarm motion only. His aim should be to pitch the ball over the batsman to the gloves of the catcher. The catcher stands behind the batsman. The throw by the catcher also should in underarm motion. The pitching styles are of three kinds. It is medium pitch, soft pitch, and fastpitch. 

Practice brings it all

In order to a successful player, one must practice a lot. When it comes to softball, any number of hours of practice is not sufficient. All three skills should be given equal importance. The art of fielding, throwing, catching and hitting, all are important. For a hitter, the most important thing would be the choice of a bat. Throwing can be practiced by using a bigger ball than the actual ball. In this case, gloves play a major role. 

Now going into the choice of a bat, let us see some popular choices of best slowpitch softball bats this year

Miken DC-41 SuperMax

This Miken DC-41 SuperMax is a two-piece bat. It is one of the best softball bats. This bat provides a wonderful swing that enables the ball to go the distance. It is also a full complex bat and it is made in the US. It is made in the state-of-the-art and radical formula. It is called the 100 comp formula. This bat is durable even after the season because of the carbon fibersthat are comprised of this. These carbon fibers are used for aerospace technology. This bat provides end load and thus ensures maximum power. Also, it has a F2P technology that gives a good speed to the bat.  

DeMarini Flipper OG ASA

This is one of the best slowpitch softball bats. This is the right choice for those who are looking for a balanced slowpitch bat. This is because of the two-piece equal construction pattern. It has got an alloy handle that allows increased stiffness which in turn provides durability and also the outcome of results is maximum.

Easton Ghost Double Barrel 

This is also a two-piece composite bat like the other bats. It is approved for play in ASA. The double-barrel design of this bat provides a classy feel.  It has also got all the features of a good bat. This would be chosen by a good player for the outcome it may give. It has also got a swing weight that is balanced. 

Miken Freak 23 Maxload

This bad comes in a very attractive color. It is a combination of neon yellow and blue. This makes the bat attractive. It also has got an amazing power that will stick on to you from the moment you look at his bat. This bat is preferred by players who want more power behind their swing. It is made from the 100 Comp technology as well.

Worth Legit XXL

This is a very well-known bat. This company makes signature bats and are known for their best softball bats. This bat has a larger hit surface that makes it stand out. This also comes in the popular neon yellow and blue combination. Players with heavy swing are recommended to choose this bat. It is got an ultra-thin handle. 

DeMariniJuggy OVL ASA

This is a complete composite bat that is approved for play in the ASA only. While most bats are approved for both ASA and ISA, this bat is allowed in the former alone. This bat has a swingthat is loaded at the end of the bat. This bat has a special quality of transforming negative energy. This is transferred into extra power and all this is because of the fusion handle of this bat. It has got a barrel length of 12 inches.

Miken Vicious ASA

This bat is a unique piece. It approved for ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA. This is an alloy bat and it has got a balanced swing. This bat is unique for its durability. This is achieved by the e-flex 700 aluminium construction. 

Take a look at all these bats, also go for reviews and choose the best bat that will suit you and your style.