Well I will start out by saying this, I suck at predictions. First off, I had the Tigers losing in 4 to the Yankees. Secondly, I had the Twins in 5. Thirdly, i had the Padres in 4. Well we know if the Yankees are going to win, its going to take 5 games for them to do so. And let’s see, if the Twins are going to win in 5, it will have to happen in another season, as they got swept by Oakland.

I don’t even have the National League going for me. The Padres can’t win in 4 seeing how they are down 2-0. I took the Mets in 5 but they should finish that one off in 3 or 4 games.

Now to the observations:

  • The Tigers are for real. Kenny Rogers looked awesome tonight in striking out 8 Yankees.
  • Justin Verlander and Joel Zumaya can throw the ball. Verlander’s first pitch of game 2 was 101 mph. In game 2, Zumaya hit 103 mph on the radar gun and his fastball was consistently at 102 mph. Tonight he was throwing again at 102 mph. Both of them are only 21 years old. Many good years left for them if their arms stay healthy.
  • Oakland actually finished off a series. The last 5 times the A’s were in the playoffs, they had 2-0 series leads, only to lose them all in 5 games.
  • What was Torii Hunter thinking when he dove for that ball the other night? The Twins had just rallyed back to tie the game up when a line drive was hit to Torii. He did have a good read on the ball but according to him it knuckled away from him. I shouldn’t really knock him because he’s one of the best center fielder’s in the game but the situation at the time doesn’t dictate for him to dive. He should have played the ball on a hop and kept it in front of him thus only allowing one run to score.
  • Honestly I have nothing to say about the Cardinals-Padres series because I haven’t watched a second of it.
  • Meet the Mets. Everyone had been talking about how the Met’s didn’t have the pitching with El Duque going down. Well so far John Maine and Tom Glavine have done pretty well for themselves in helping the New York Baseball Mets to a 2-0 series lead.

So when the next round of the playoffs are set, I will again make predictions. I will say this though. If you are going to bet on the games, don’t listen to my predictions since I suck at them.

By the way, UCONN will lose to South Florida tomorrow night by the score of 23-17.