Well the Randy Johnson deal is all but official. The Yankees will announce the deal on Tuesday. There hasn’t been any news on the JD Drew front. Word was they were going to try and work the deal out this past week but nothing ever came of it. Hopefully, they get this deal done soon. Candace Parker could end up being a better college player and maybe even better player than Diana Taurasi ever was. CP is much more athletic than Diana. UCONN women need to step up their game and play 40 mins. They also need to do a better job of getting Mel Thomas open. The UCONN men need to learn to shoot free throws. If I am Jim Calhoun, each players needs to make 100 in a row or they stay til they do. Patriots looked good today in the Belimangina Bowl. Give Joel Pinero a chance to close. Odds are he won’t be the closer after July anyways unless he’s going lights out.
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