As many of you know, I am one of the voters in the BlogPoll Top 25. Each week, bloggers across the country representing the various FBS schools get together and put together their own top 25’s. Here at SOX & Dawgs, we are representing the UConn Huskies. The votes are then tabulated on Tuesday.

Each week we are asked to do an initial ballot. This allows you the reader to let us know in the comments whether you agree with my choices or not. The initial ballots will normally be done on Sunday.

After I check the comments for the initial ballot, I then resubmit my final ballot for the week. If there are comments, I’ll take them into consideration before submitting the final ballot by 8 a.m.on Tuesday.

You can check out the ballot I submitted earlier today by clicking on the read more button below if you’re on the homepage.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

SOX & Dawgs Ballot – Week 13

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU Tigers
2 Alabama Crimson Tide Arrow_up 1
3 Arkansas Razorbacks Arrow_up 2
4 Virginia Tech Hokies Arrow_up 4
5 Stanford Cardinal Arrow_up 4
6 Houston Cougars Arrow_up 4
7 Oklahoma St. Cowboys Arrow_down -5
8 Boise St. Broncos Arrow_up 3
9 Oregon Ducks Arrow_down -5
10 Oklahoma Sooners Arrow_down -4
11 Georgia Bulldogs Arrow_up 1
12 Michigan St. Spartans Arrow_up 1
13 South Carolina Gamecocks Arrow_up 1
14 Wisconsin Badgers Arrow_up 1
15 Penn St. Nittany Lions Arrow_up 2
16 Clemson Tigers Arrow_down -9
17 Michigan Wolverines Arrow_up 2
18 Kansas St. Wildcats Arrow_up 2
19 USC Trojans Arrow_up 2
20 TCU Horned Frogs Arrow_up 2
21 Nebraska Cornhuskers Arrow_down -5
22 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Arrow_up 2
23 Virginia Cavaliers
24 Southern Miss. Golden Eagles Arrow_down -6
25 West Virginia Mountaineers
Dropouts: Florida St. Seminoles

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings ยป

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