Mark Teixeira -  AP Photo

Could he get 10 years?

The answer to that question is probably not according to an email from Boston Red Sox owner John Henry to the Boston Herald’s Sean McAdam.

“Yes,” Henry responded in an e-mail. “The Red Sox effectively had a 10-year deal with a player determined not to live up to his contract. A lot can change over 10 years, for both sides.”

With all of the known offers at 8 years right now, it’s still possible that someone could jump in with a 10 year offer. Henry did note that “there are exceptions to every rule” which I take to mean they could quite conceivably go 10 years for Teixeira but only if need be.

We all know Scott Boras will try to get the best deal possible for his client. Let’s just hope the best deal is from the Red Sox and that’s where Teixeira decides to play for the forseeable future.