Well the Red Sox showed the Yankees something last night by signing John Flaherty to a contract. This will hurt the Yankees because Flaherty was Randy Johnson’s personal catcher. Oh by the way, I did forget to mention that Flaherty wasn’t in the Yankee’s plans for next year as they had signed Kelly Stinnet as a free agent who was Randy’s catcher with the Diamondbacks.

What is going on with the two headed monster we like to call the Red Sox GM’s. Instead of focusing on the much needed positions, CF, 1B, SS, they are out there signing a 38 year old back up catcher. Flaherty isn’t even assured of the back up position as the Sox have Kelly Shoppach and Ken Huckaby. For those of you who don’t remember Huckaby, he is the one who separated Jeter’s shoulder a few years back.

Rumors out in the baseball world have the Sox now going after Kevin Millwood. Kevin Millwood??????? The Sox don’t need another starting pitcher. We need hitters. I am sure Manny, who may have stayed had Damon re-signed, wants to get out of dodge as fast as he can. Maybe the Red Sox think that pitching and defense will win the championship next year. It won’t win them anything if no one will pitch to Big Papi next year.

Stay tuned as we await the next blunder from the two headed monster.