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With the win over the DePaul Blue Demons last night and Duke’s loss to Wake Forest, the UConn Huskies men’s basketball team has a chance to join the women as the No. 1 ranked team in the nation if they can get past Providence on Saturday. I’m not sure I want the Huskies to be No. 1 though.

The reason being is the way the No. 1 teams have been falling lately, I’d rather see someone else voted into the top spot and have the Huskies stay at number 2. This team has been playing well as of late but their play can get better.

I think the whole key to UConn playing better is to get Stanley Robinson out of his funk. Not sure if he’s going through a phase similar to “dead arm” in a pitcher but he needs to wake up. You have to wonder if Jim Calhoun will keep him in the starting lineup much longer. Robinson only saw 2 minutes of action in the second half and that came in garbage time.

For UConn to be a complete team, they need their old friend “Sticks” back. There’s only so much everyone else can do and if Robinson isn’t contributing that’s hurting the men. Hopefully, he’ll have a couple of good practices and be ready to dominate on Saturday afternoon.

Mike Anthony of the Hartford Courant and David Borges of the New Haven Register have some postgame notes from last night’s win over DePaul.

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