Jon LesterIs anyone else worried that our beloved Red Sox probably will not make the postseason this year? I know I am worried about it. I will note for the record, that I haven’t given up yet. To make matters worse, Big Papi was sent home from Oakland today to be reexamined for an irregular heartbeat. Although it wasn’t announced to the press til later, back when the Yankees were in town last weekend, Ortiz was sent to the hospital and cleared for the same problem. Let’s hope and pray that Papi is ok, not for the Red Sox sake, but for his family’s. Heart problems can be kinda scary and no matter how bad we want Papi in the lineup, he needs to do what’s best for him.

The Sox lost another pitcher as well, with Jon Lester falling victim to the DL with a bad back. I am not sure whats going on in Boston this year with all the pitchers, but when we have to start Kyle Snyder, Jason Johnson, and tonight Kason Gabbard, we are in trouble. Why oh why didn’t Theo make a move to pick up a pitcher that could have helped for the stretch run. Speaking of Snyder, he was sent back to the hotel in Oakland with the bug that is running thru the Sox clubhouse right now. And to add insult to injury, Manny is out til the Sox return home with a knee injury.

So whatever you do, make sure to include the Sox in your prayers. Do whatever you have to do to bring the Sox some luck. Wear your hat inside out, if they win a game dont change your clothes, anything that you can do right now to give the Sox some momementum to catch up to the Evil Empire down there in NYC.