SNY, UConn Huskies

As we learned yesterday, SNY was going to be partnering up with the UConn Huskies men’s basketball and football programs. And while the details have been released, a good portion of the state will still be in the dark.

One of my problems with the deal is that Cox Cable and Charter Communications don’t carry SNY. Comcast only carried SNY in parts of the state but as we’ve learned from the details of the deal, Comcast will be rolling out SNY to the rest of the state.

But where does that leave the folks who have Cox Cable and Charter as their cable tv providers. Well, it’s quite simple. We are out in the dark right now.

Unless something changes, we have very little choices.

We can switch to DirecTV or the Dish Network or even AT&T U-Verse. Or we can go to a friend’s house or a local watering hole to watch the games.

As I pointed out yesterday, even HuskyVision on the Storrs campus doesn’t offer SNY.

So while this deal may be good for the University of Connecticut and it’s athletic programs, right now it’s currently alienating a good portion of UConn fans. And that’s not a good thing.

A full look at the press release after the jump.

NEW YORK – SNY, the television home of the New York Mets, Jets and Big East Conference, in conjunction with The University of Connecticut today announced a comprehensive, multi-year partnership that makes SNY “the official television home of the UConn Huskies football and men’s basketball programs”. Beginning this September, SNY will annually feature 300 hours of UConn programming – including 120 hours of Huskies game coverage – with unprecedented access to UConn coaches and players. Additionally, SNY will significantly expand its UConn sports coverage throughout its sports news and entertainment programming, including its critically acclaimed SportsNite show – which airs Monday-Sunday at 10pm, 1am and throughout the morning. SNY will also create a UConn Huskies sports section on the network’s website – – which will feature original content, including video and a dedicated UConn Huskies blog.

As the exclusive TV home of UConn football, SNY is planning to air approximately five live games in 2010 – which will be wrapped by in-depth post-game shows – produced by SNY. In addition to the network’s live game coverage, SNY will carry the following UConn Huskies football programming:

  • Comprehensive UConn Huskies Football Season Preview Show
  • Randy Edsall’s Weekly Press Conference
  • In-Depth Post-Game Shows
  • UConn Huskies Season-in-Review/Bowl Preview Special
  • UConn’s “Football Signing Day” Press Conference
  • Re-airs of every UConn Huskies Football Game [subject to availability]
  • Huskies Power Hour: A 60-minute cut-down version of that week’s game.
  • SNY Spotlight with Head Coach Randy Edsall. SNY Spotlight is an exclusive signature series – created by SNY’s Original Entertainment Division – that features in-depth interviews with New York’s most influential leaders in sports and entertainment

When the college basketball season tips off, SNY’s all-access pass will feature at least 13 UConn Men’s basketball contests and a minimum of one Women’s basketball contest each season. In addition to the network’s live basketball games – and SNY’s expanded coverage throughout its sports news and entertainment programming – UConn fans will also receive the following SNY programming dedicated to the UConn basketball program:

  • Comprehensive UConn Huskies Men’s basketball Season Preview Show
  • In-Depth Pre-Game Shows Prior to Select SNY-Televised UConn Basketball Games
  • UConn Huskies Season-in-Review Special
  • Re-airs of Every UConn Huskies basketball Game Shown on SNY
  • SNY Spotlight with Men’s Head Basketball Coach Jim Calhoun and Women’s Head Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma

“We’re excited to have this landmark partnership with the University of Connecticut, one of the preeminent schools in the Big East Conference and in the nation,” said Steve Raab, President of SNY. “SNY will provide UConn fans with an unprecedented level of in-depth coverage and original programming dedicated to the Huskies.”

“This comprehensive partnership with SNY will provide the University with a historic level of coverage dedicated to our athletics program, our coaches and student athletes,” said Jeff Hathaway, Director of Athletics for UConn. “Beyond the games, UConn fans will be able to enjoy many hours of additional and original programming produced by SNY about the Huskies. We’re excited that the official TV home of the Big East Conference is now the home of UConn football and Men’s basketball.”

On-air talent and additional programming details regarding SNY’s UConn football and basketball coverage will be announced at a later date.

In addition, Comcast plans to expand SNY carriage for its customers throughout the Nutmeg State, launching it before the first UConn football game in areas of the state serviced by Comcast where SNY hasn’t before been available, including the Middletown, Clinton, Groton, Norwich, Old Lyme and Vernon areas.