Tennessee Volunteers @ UConn Huskies

According to GoVolsXtra.com, the UConn Huskies football team will not be playing the Tennessee Volunteers at Rentschler Field in 2015.

UT signed a two-year agreement with Connecticut in 2008 that was scheduled to include a trip to play the Huskies in 2015, but UT athletic director Dave Hart said that series had been suspended.

The Huskies were supposed to return the favor and play at Neyland Stadium in 2016.

If this report turns out to be true, UConn would need to add another FBS schedule to the schedule as this gives them just three non-conference games. The others are Villanova (home), Army (home) and BYU (away).

UPDATE: It's been confirmed by UConn that the series won't be happening in 2015/16.

"Warde and the Tenn AD (Dave Hart) have been in discussions about this for a few months. We have a letter from the Tenn AD agreeing that the current dates of the series will not happen and new dates will be determined by 9/26/15."

h/t to jim fuller – new haven register