Where have the bats gone? Did the bats pack it up and go south for the winter when runners on base. It was another failed game of bringing runners in scoring position home. Good pitching by both starters and bullpens again yesterday as well. Wasn’t this Texas Rangers team the worst in baseball? Or is it the Yanks? I forget. The good news/bad news happened after the game when the Sox had five players named to the All-Star team. That was the good news. The bad news you ask was that Youk was snubbed. More good news came with Hideki “Darkman” Okajima having a chance to be voted in by the fans.

So while I am pissed about Youk getting snubbed, I am happy about Darkman having a chance. I know it was a tough call on who put on the team or the final vote, so I was glad to see one of our two other deserving players having a chance. Anyways, enough of my jibber-jabber, let’s take a look at the headlines and happenings from the Boston and Dallas area media on this lovely spring summer day here in Red Sox Nation.

Clunkers in the clutch: Sox bats fail again in loss to Texas. [Boston Herald]

Hard to figure, but Rangers stay hot. [Star-Telegram]

Sox Still On Down Swing. [Hartford Courant]

Rangers’ Gagne a saver to savor. [Dallas Morning News]

Red Sox fall, and so softly. [Boston Globe]

With the All-Star picks, there’s always some All-Star nits. [Star-Telegram]

Ortiz isn’t talking, and neither is his bat. [Providence Journal]

Rangers’ Young picked for All-Star Game. [Dallas Morning News]

Francona steals moment to chat with Lugo. [Boston Globe]

Talk centers on misplay: Ellsbury a part of Drew error. [Boston Herald]

Youkilis Odd Man Out At First Base. [Hartford Courant]

All-Stars: Ortiz, Ramirez, Lowell, Beckett and Papelbon. [Pro Jo]

Time to show their stuff: Sox’ play not worthy of big lead. [Boston Herald]

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