Globe Photo....Jim Davis

The knuckleball was dancing last night as Tim Wakefield was able to hold off the Rockies in a tight ballgame last night. Todd Helton came to Boston, a place where he thought he might play this season and was the only member of the Rox who had faced Wake. All told, the Sox offense scored one more run than the Rox did and they won 2-1. Let’s take a look at what the Boston area and Denver media is writing about in today’s papers.

Julio Lugo was ok with being dropped to 9th in the Red Sox lineup. [Extra Bases]

The Rockies wasted a strong outing from Aaron Cook. [Denver Post]

The dancing knuckleball was back last night. [Hartford Courant]

Jeremy Affeldt’s luck ran out vs Big Papi last night. [Rocky Mountain News]

Tim Wakefield brought his ‘A’ game against the Rockies. [Boston Herald]

The Rockies aren’t getting any clutch hitting. [Denver Post]

Jonathan Papelbon was throwing gas last night. [Boston Globe]

The Rockies are barely represented on the early All-Star balloting returns. [Rocky Mountain News]

Last night’s lineup shakeup was a success for the Sox. [Pro Jo]

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