Members of the "All-Time Fenway Park Team" made up of former and current Boston Red Sox players pose for a photo prior to a baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park in Boston, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012.

Despite all the fanfare and the celebration last night of the All Fenway Park Team, the Boston Red Sox weren’t able to make the fans, themselves and the alumni happy. It’s probably not a surprise to anyone because they’ve basically sucked the proverbial D all season long at home.

Fenway Park used to be a place where the Red Sox would thrive. Now we sit back and watch as the ownership group says the games are sellouts despite the fact there are empty seats everywhere.

The Tampa Bay Rays are still on the outside of a playoff spot and their odds aren’t great. But they took another step in the right direction by beating the local nine 4-2 last night.

The Rays have won seven straight games but remain five games back in the AL East. They are three back in the AL Wild Card standings of the Oakland A’s who are the second wild card team. The Baltimore Orioles, the Red Sox’s next opponent, are a 1/2 game ahead of the A’s for the top spot and they are 1.5 games behind the Yankees.

It’ll be an interesting weekend in the AL East.

You expect the Yankees to have an easy time of things with the Toronto Blue Jays over the next four days. The Red Sox are playing the Orioles and the Rays go out of the division to play the Chicago White Sox for the next four days. Once atop the AL Central, the White Sox now trail the Detroit Tigers by a game. So if there was a series to watch in the AL this weekend, it’s this one.

I’d talk more about the Red Sox but frankly they aren’t worth it right now. Sure maybe this is an overreaction to things but you can’t tell me they are. If you can, prove it to me.

The Red Sox are off today but we’ll be back in a bit with the pitching matchups for the weekend. So for now, let’s take at look at the overnight links from the media by clicking on the read more button below if you’re on the home page.

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