Randy EdsallOn Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Syracuse had hired a search firm to help them look for a new¬† coach even though their coach, Greg Robinson, hasn’t been fired yet. Syracuse has denied hiring the firm but in the article it says that they have reached out to UConn head coach Randy Edsall to gauge his interest.

Edsall is a 1980 Syracuse graduate and began his coaching career at Syracuse staying there for 11 seasons. So it’s not surprising that the Orange are expressing interest in him. His agent Gary O’Hagan wouldn’t confirm whether or not Edsall had spoken to anyone.

Well Edsall made it clear today during his press conference that he hasn’t been contacted by anyone.

“I don’t deal in speculation and I just want you to know and everybody to know I haven’t been contacted by any college, any university, the NFL, any person or people regarding and jobs,” Edsall said. “End of story.”

Edsall just signed an extension after the 2007 season that will keep him in Storrs until at least 2013.

I honestly don’t see why Edsall would want to leave and rebuild another program. He’s done a great job here at UConn and as he said last year, there’s still things to accomplish at UConn.

Editor’s note: I didn’t want this to get buried in tomorrow’s game preview.