Red Sox DH David Ortiz attracted a crowd of fans as he warmed up. (Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

During the day yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that Alex Rodriguez was involved with a trainer named Angel Presinal, who happened to be banned from MLB ballparks after a 2001 incident.

The reason why Boston Red Sox David Ortiz’s name came up is the fact that when he is in the Domincan Republic, Big Papi trains at his facility because it’s close to his house there. He wasn’t the only player named either. Juan Gonzalez, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon, Miguel Tejada, Adrian Beltre, Moises Alou, Jose Guillen, Ervin Santana, Ruben Sierra, Francisco Cordero, Jose Mesa and Juan Guzman, among others have all worked with or trained at his facility in the Dominican.

So before anyone starts saying well Big Papi used steroids or any crap like that, listen to what Big Papi has to say.

This place, where he works out, it’s a facility that is like five minutes away from my house. It’s like an Olympic place, where everybody goes and hits, runs, do all the work. That’s, like, in the middle of everyone’s house. We all go there and work out. He’s a good trainer. He’s a guy who teaches you how to train, get your body ready to go. Besides that, I have no idea about this.

MLB has warned that the players stay away from him. And now that ARoid has been linked to him, people will start to think well maybe he did it.

Unfortunately now when ever steroids is mentioned, it’s guilty by association. Instead of letting people prove the facts, some will rush to judgment. The only way we’ll ever know who else did steroids is to have the other 103 names released.

You can hear Big Papi’s comments along with his thoughts on Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis by watching the video below from his appearance Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight on Comcast SportsNet New England.

A-Rod’s pal, the tainted trainer: Steroid-linked friend is banned by every MLB team [New York Daily News]

Video is courtesy of Comcast SportsNet New England