Earlier on Sunday morning, the laywer for Tanesha Boatright, the mother of UConn Huskies freshman point guard Ryan Boatright, released a statement about the NCAA’s release of personal info with their statement.

NCAANow the NCAA has once again responded turning this into a case of he said, she said.

Here’s the lastest statement from the NCAA:

Scott Tompsett’s allegations are not accurate. The NCAA statement regarding Ryan Boatright is factual and in response to numerous public misstatements and the resulting inaccurate reporting by some media. The NCAA acted appropriately to ensure the misleading accounts did not continue. The NCAA did not violate the student-athlete or family’s privacy in anyway, nor did it imply that the benefits were used to influence Ryan Boatright to attend the University of Connecticut.

In fact, both UConn and Boatright should be commended for their cooperation throughout the process to gather information. The school and student-athlete’s dedication to uncover the facts should be viewed as a positive example, not somehow construed negatively. Had Boatright’s mother cooperated fully from the beginning, this matter could have been settled months ago.

I’m fully expecting Tompsett to respond to this again at some point on Sunday.

My problem is that while the NCAA released their statement to the public, Tompsett probably shouldn’t have responded by sending the email to the media. Yes, I understand he wanted to get his side of the story out there.

But this would be better handled privately instead of in the media. And at least for now, that’s not happening.

The Boatright family has been through enough as it is.

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