According to the Japan Times Online, Daisuke Matsuzaka already has a few endorsement deals under his belt. Back in late December, I had posted an article that was named “First Picture of Matsuzaka in a Sox Uniform“.

Well it turns out that the ad he was filming when that picture was taken will be a Matsuzaka vs Hideki Matsui television commercial for Ashai Super Dry Beer that will start running in April.

They are also reporting that Matsuzaka will star in Dunkin Donuts ads worldwide. This one seems odd to me as there aren’t any Dunkin Donuts in Japan anymore. Makes me wonder if they are rethinking their decision to pull out of Japan 10 years ago.

Also noted in the column was this:

One of the sports papers, by the way, has already mentioned the possibility of the Red Sox opening the 2008 official American League season in Japan, but it remains to be seen what MLB will decide to do with respect to the rumored regular-season openers next year at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

I had heard this rumor back when the Red Sox had signed Matsuzaka. So it will be interesting to see what happens. Many players who have gone overseas to open the season have not really liked going. But with baseball being a world sport, it is good for the game. To me it seems only fair to play overseas.

One other non Matsuzaka Red Sox note. The Baseball Hall of Fame votes come out at 2 PM today. Let’s hope that one of the Sons of Red Sox Nation, Jim Rice, finally gets the recognition that he so deserves.

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