I write this post thinking well I am sure most of you have already heard the news. Then I think to myself, well you can turn just about anywhere to get the updates. I swear 60% of the Boston Globe’s Red Sox page is about Dice-K. So the question I have to ask is, Is there anyone else on the Red Sox? Or is it Dice-K versus everyone this year.

All kidding aside, Daisuke arrived at spring training on Monday driving in in a Cadillac Escalade. Yes he was driving. I didn’t know you could get a driver’s license that quick. If the cops from Reno 911 were in Ft. Myers, he surely would have gotten a ticket. Matsuzaka did workout a little bit, playing a little catch with catching prospect, George Kottaras.

After the workout, Matsuzaka held an impromptu press conference much to the surprise of the Boston officials. He let the media know that his spring training locker was in the middle between Jason Varitek, and his fellow countryman, Hideki Okajima. Dice-K had this to say about the Captain:

I will try to communicate with Varitek as much as possible in order to have a good relationship. I want to play catch with him soon, but maybe Mr. Okajima will be my first partner.

Mr.? You can tell we are in a different climate now with him being respectful to Okajima. I’d expect a lot of this from Dice-K throughout the season.

Kottaras had to use a translator while playing catch with Matsuzaka. So I guess you can say they didn’t get to shoot the shit while playing catch.

Also if anyone wants to pony up some $$$$ and a press pass, I will gladly fly down to Ft. Myers and do some blogging from spring training.

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