Ummm did I sleep thru something? Did they take the city of Boston and move it out west? Reports are the Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Nomar Garciaparra to a 1 yr contract to play first base.This now makes 4 former members of the Boston Red Sox who are now members of the LA Dodgers (Bill Mueller, Derek Lowe, Grady Little and Nomar Garciaparra.) Three of the four have World Series rings from 2004 with the Sox. We all know why Grady Little doesn’t have a ring with the Sox.

So with Nomar signing with the Dodgers, it got me to thinking. Why wouldn’t the Dodgers go after Johnny “Hollywood” Damon? Why not make it 4 players from the 2004 Champs to try and build a winner? His new found stardom would fit in perfectly out in Los Angeles. He enjoys being in the spotlight. He has already done one movie so moving to LA would allow him to partake in more stuff on the big screen. And just last Sunday, Johnny was involved in a PPV Wrestling Event in Orlando (click to see). Even his stripper wife (rumor is Johnny has never seen his wife without makeup) might like it in LA.

Realistically, we know Johnny won’t sign with the Dodgers because Sox Nation is desparately trying to resign him. Plus if he signed with the Yankees, he would have to clean up his image. That could be bad for business because do we really want to see Puma ads with Johnny Damon or do we want to see Johnny “Caveman” Damon. With the “Evil Empire” in the picture, this could be a tough thing. More than likely, Steinbrenner is just trying to drive up the price of Caveman’s services. After paying an arm and leg in luxury tax this year, the mighty Yanks have been awfully quiet on the free agent front.

I know everyone is upset that Nomar signed with the Dodgers because now I won’t be burning my Nomar jersey. To answer the question of whether or not I would have burned the jersey had he signed with the Yankees, the answer is YES.