New York media covers for August 7, 2009

Things started out looking good for the Boston Red Sox last night against their hated rivals the New York Yankees. But in the end, it was the Yankees who had the last laugh as they routed the Red Sox 13-6. It was the first win of the season for the Yankees against the Sox as they are now 1-8 against them.

The loss puts the Red Sox 3.5 games behind the Yanks for first place in the AL East. The Red Sox lead is now 2 games over the Rangers and 2.5 games over the Rays in the wild card standings.

When Theo Epstein signed John Smoltz before the season, most people thought it was a great signing, myself included. It was a low risk, high reward signing. Now after watching Smoltz pitch, it’s a high risk, very low reward signing.

Smoltz hasn’t looked anything like the Smoltz of old. He’s struggling when he goes through the order the second time and still having trouble hitting his spots. And when he misses, teams aren’t missing them and taking advantage of it.

As much as it’s frustrating for us fans to watch, it’s just as frustrating for Smoltz.

“I’m pretty humbled right now,” Smoltz said. “Time may not be on my side if this continues. I can’t keep doing what I’m doing.”

Smoltz was brought in to help the Red Sox in the second half of the season, especially for games as important as these are. But when he’s now given up at least 5 runs in his last 4 outings something has to give.

As much as I hate to say it, it’s probably time for the Red Sox to give up on the Smoltz experiment, at least as a starter. With the Red Sox not having a middle reliever and Smoltz being effective for 2-3 innings, a move to the bullpen may be what the Red Sox need to do.

Paul Byrd can’t get ready fast enough and we don’t even know what he’ll bring to the table. Theo Epstein and the brain trust need to do something quickly before this becomes a lost season for the Red Sox.

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