Boston Red Sox fans are gaining an excitement that comes in several forms and shapes this new season. The excitement comes with optimistic and hopeful anticipation for the unknown the real picture, the Red Sox team is in solid shape and Andrew Benintendi is scratching the surface, as other team members such as Hanley Ramirez is expected to maintain his cleanup spot. But the Sox are heading into this season without David Ortiz, and we don’t know how the team will look like without him. Whether Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, David Price, Dustin Pedroia, or Robinson Cano will seal the picture for the Sox without David Ortiz will depend on who can fill his shoes.

Will the widely considered as the best prospect in all of MLB, the left fielder, Andrew Benintendi is expected to fill the gap left by the retirement of David Ortiz last year. Andrew Benintendi’s bat as started to heat up, and with his power and talent that he receives from the fan base, however, with the absence of David Ortiz the Boston Red Sox will have to undergo an era of change concerning the face of the franchise. Andrew Benintendi appears hot in the pursuit to the honor of the Rookie of the Year.

However, you can’t substitute the super utility of a player like Ortiz and Benintendi is better placed to connect with all players on the roster. Ortiz had a room-dominating personality and could bring the team together based on his ability to speak multiple languages. However, the Ohio native, Benintendi appears to understand things differently even if he doesn’t speak a particular language that enables him to bridge the gaps in understanding the players in the manner Ortiz did. Benintendi’s gregarious personality comes naturally that will allow him to create a relationship conducive to enhancing trust with teammates.

The scouting community is in great admiration for Benintendi, and the ZIPS Projections Systems from Dan Szymborski’s Model gives him a hitting of .278/.341/.446 in addition to 31 doubles, 12 home runs, 13 steals, and 62 runs. Considering his strong defensive ability to perform in big leagues and projection of 2.2 WAR in last year’s season, Benintendi is expected to have more OPS+ of 109 as compared to the likes of Hanley Ramirez’s 107, Jackie Bradley’s 105, Dustin Pedroia’s 103, and Xander Bogaerts’s 106. You can book your Red Sox game tickets in advance and make sure that you are not going to miss the best moments of their live actions.

Benintendi is the team’s left fielder and in a lineup that needs the search for the person to fill caused by the retirement of David Ortiz, and the rookie left fielder, however, suffers from the proverbial sophomore slump will continue to dance to take the team to win this season. Benintendi will solidify the problems in the left field and is well on track to become a fantastic player. Boston Red Sox have been pretty good and in a solid shape and Benintendi is not a bust but a beacon of hope, and therefore Andrew Benintendi can he fill the void left by David Ortiz

for Boston Red Sox.