The Red Sox have won six out of their last eight games. Even if the way some of these games have been won doesn’t instill the fans with a lot of confidence, it’s never a bad thing to add another “W.”

Each one of the last six victories has been by only one run. Twice that one run was caused by a bases-loaded walk. So far this year, all but one series victory has been over a team in last place in their division. The Red Sox starters have an average 5.23 ERA. Despite defensive up-grades in the off season, the team has committed a shocking 14 errors.

That’s a lot of negatives. But it is April. If there ever was a time to make mistakes and work out line-up kinks and tweak the rotation, it is now!

Besides, it hasn’t been all bad so far. Winning a 13-12 slug-fest like the April 26 game in Toronto shows that the offense (not predicted to be the team’s strong point) can step up when needed. Winning two games because of walks seems to point to good decision making at the plate.

Even if the present seems slightly cloudy, the future does look bright. How much will the team improve with Matsuzaka out to redeem himself, Wakefield’s knuckle ball dancing out of the pen, and Lester’s typical post-April success? Not to mention the return of Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury to the line-up!

Let’s play ball!