Well I am not one to normally write about the NBA, but this one has me a little perturbed. Maybe I am just a little fired up from something I read earlier, I don’t know. And I am sure there will be more to follow on that later but for now we will go with this.
Take a look at this from an AP article.

The players’ association filed an unfair labor practice charge Friday against the NBA over its issues with the new ball and the league’s crackdown on player complaints.

A number of players publicly have complained about the change in the ball from leather to microfiber composite. But the crackdown on complaints after the whistle, often referred to as a “zero-tolerance policy,” might be the bigger problem.

With players fined for each technical they receive, union director Billy Hunter told The Associated Press last month that a lawsuit could be the next step if NBA commissioner David Stern didn’t tell the referees to “back off.”

All I have to say is this: Quit your friggin whining, you overpaid babies. Play for the love of the game and not your damn paycheck.