Here is a look at some of the news that is coming out of the AL camps at spring training.

Gary Sheffield feels that AROD’s honesty will propel him to a great season. I wonder if AROD has any other skeletons in his closet.

LA Confidential: J.D. Drew not happy with LA. I knew Scott Boras was behind this.

Josh Towers hopes to start winning games again. Chicks don’t dig losers.

Jorge Cantu hopes to regain his old form. He must be seeing the big money other former Devil Ray’s are getting.

The Orioles have a new marketing slogan. Boo Weekley.

Jim Thome is playing in a lot of “B” games. Don’t worry White Sox fans. There is still the chance he can make the team.

Torii Hunter has a new role. Mentor. Does this mean he’s leaving after the season?

Grudzielanek’s recovery from knee surgery could be a long one. Pretty sad when your holding your hopes for a good season with a 36 year old second baseman.

Jim Leyland hopes to play in front of sold-out crowds all season. This is Detroit we are talking about right.

Travis Hafner hopes to see more of first base. We all know he doesn’t see much of it when he’s at the plate because of his power.

Bartolo Colon might be back earlier than expected. This cause fantasy baseball owners to rethink their plans.

Mike Hargrove is taking the quiet approach. Sorry, I didn’t hear you Mike.

Tim Cowlishaw thinks Robinson Tejada might be the best Rangers pitcher. This coming from a guy who covers NASCAR for ESPN.

Milton Bradley is finally happy to be accepted. Hasbro Toys not so happy about it.