On Thursday June 7th, the first round of the MLB draft will be held live on TV for the first time when ESPN2 covers it from 2-6p.m. As part of the ‘festivities’ many clubs are sending ‘celebrity’ representatives to make their picks for them. Among the people attending for various clubs are Hall of Fame members Tom Lasorda, Jim Palmer, Dave Winfield and Robin Roberts (the former Phillie, not the ABC/ESPN announcer).

Those planning to attend for our local teams are Dwight Evans for the Red Sox, Frank Howard for the Yankees and Darryl Strawberry for the Mets. The Mets must have figured that since Straw’s probation officer is nearby, he could go for them.

Some other ‘celebrity’ reps include:

Connecticut’s very own Rico Brogna for Arizona because all the great Diamondbacks are still playing while Ralph Garr will rep the Braves. I guess Henry Aaron must not want to leave his living room for the draft. Chet Lemon is going for the White Sox because Jorge Orta is unavailable and Ken Griffey, Sr. goes for the Reds whose first choice was Pete Rose but he decided on a day at the track instead.

Representing the Pirates is Steve Blass because they couldn’t dig up Willie Stargell, joining Winfield for the Padres will be Randy Smith who will be there to tell the draft picks how to get a huge guaranteed deal then suck. Meanwhile, Tampa is sending Don “The Gerbil” Zimmer who vowed to wear his military helmet and Toronto is sending the great Blue Jay Rob Ducey. After all Danny Ainge is too busy trying to figure out how to save his job with the fifth pick in the NBA draft.

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