Is Scooter a Sport?

Walking alongside the busy roads you may find people riding a two-wheeled scooter. That’s where a question comes in your mind, is scooter a sport? Well, scooter riding is kind of like an extreme sport nowadays. Scooters are gaining popularity as they are easy to carry, and you don’t need to worry about parking the […]

Fantasy Life

Watching sports is a way to escape reality if only for a short time. In those blissful few hours, we get to imagine ourselves pitching a no-hitter, hitting a grand slam, or stealing home in a tie game. We ourselves may not have the strength to arm-wrestle a kitten, but we can appreciate a great […]

Hope Springs Eternal

It’s not April anymore. That was the go-to explanation/justification for the struggles of the Red Sox. Now that the calendar has turned, many feel it’s open season on the Sox. I say that as long as it is spring, we’ve got some time. The baseball season is long. There will be ups and downs. Problems […]

A Win is a Win?

The Red Sox have won six out of their last eight games. Even if the way some of these games have been won doesn’t instill the fans with a lot of confidence, it’s never a bad thing to add another “W.” Each one of the last six victories has been by only one run. Twice […]