In The Red Zone – 11/4 – Election Day Edition


Sunday night was a tough loss.  Errors, physical and mental, cost the team a game and we can honestly say in the last 8 seasons that hasn’t happened very often.  Jabar Gaffney dropped a surefire TD bomb on a perfect pass by Matt Cassel and of course the David Thomas 15-yarder was the most costly as it killed a drive late in the fourth quarter.  There were also some curious decisions made by the staff and I know I’ve never written that sentence before.  They got burnt on the 12 men on the field challenge, looked shakey burning their final timeout with nearly a quarter to play on a 4th and 1 at the Indianapolis 7 yard line and then the play call selection for 3rd and 16 near midfield was far from stellar.

But the thing about football is you watch the film, learn from it and move on to your next opponent which is the Buffalo Bills this Sunday in Foxboro.  It should be a good game as the Bills are much improved, even though they’ve slid a bit in the last four weeks going 1-3 after a 4-0 start.  The Bills and Patriots find themselves in a three way deadlock with the New York Jets for the AFC East lead and the winner could still find themselves tied at games end.

In case you want to see some highlights of the game from Sunday night here is the video package from

As we do each and every week here is the Patriots Monday interview with head coach Bill Belichick on WEEI in Boston.

Reiss’ Pieces has the ups and downs from a Week 9 to Indianapolis.

The AP’s Howard Uhlman says Belichick’s time out call was questionable.

The Herald’s Karen Guregian says Randy Moss wasn’t fine with the officiating in Sunday’s game.

The ProJo’s Mike McDermott feels no one stepped up when it was needed Sunday night. His co-worker Jim Donaldson says bad decisions and pointless possessions doomed the Pats.

As WEEI producer Andy Massaua says losing to the Colts sucked because we didn’t get to see the Manning face but hey Pats fans don’t fret for it is always just a click away. It’s mostly Peyton and Eli but they even have a few of Archie in there for good measure.

Don’t forget to look for the official Sox & Dawgs Bills vs. Patriots Week 10 Preview available on Friday morning at your local computer.

The Patriots find themselves now tied for first in the AFC East with the Bills and the Jets as the teams head into Week 10 play.

  • 1 (tie). New England 5-3
  • 1 (tie). Buffalo 5-3
  • 1 (tie). New York 5-3
  • 4. Miami 4-4

AFC East Week 10 games are:

  • Patriots entertain the Bills
  • Jets host the Rams
  • Dolphins welcome the Seahawks

Just an editorial note for next week, with the Patriots playing the Jets on Thursday (November 13) the regular schedule will be modified.  In the Red Zone will run as usual on Tuesday, the Jets/Patriots game preview will run on Wednesday and hopefully on Thursday prior to the game we will have enough information to give you a Patriots Tailgating Tidbits prior to Belichick-Mangini VII.