It’s time to enter the second annual SOX & Dawgs College Football pick-em contest. Last year, my mom picked the most winners and won a free post here at the site.

Much of the same this year for the contest. The winner will get to make a guest post about any subject they want to. I do hope to improve upon my last place finish from last year.

I will have a template as the first comment that will have the team who is favored with the spread next to it’s name. For example, Utah (-9.5) vs. Navy. Utah is favored 9.5 points meaning if you pick Utah, they will need to win by 10 points for the pick to be correct. The tiebreaker will be total points in the BCS Championship game.

The first bowl game is on Thursday night but because I am few days late, I will accept entries until noon on Saturday 12/22. Of course the first two games wouldn’t count but the way I picked last year, you will still have a chance to beat me.

Pass the word around and good luck to everyone.

The entire bowl game schedule can be found here.