There are 74 games left in the baseball season and the Red Sox look pretty [expletive deleted].

If you only pay attention to the number of games back the Red Sox are in the division and wild card races, which is what the optimists among us focus on, then the situation doesn’t look so [expletive deleted] horrible. In both races, the Red Sox are 9 games back. But let’s introduce our depressing pal reality to the discussion.

A team isn’t going to make the playoffs unless they have 88 [expletive deleted] wins. The Red Sox won’t sneak in with 82 wins, nor 83, nor [expletive deleted] 84. And if any baseball team ever makes it to the playoffs with such a pathetic win total, dump [expletive deleted] gasoline on the the wild card system and set that [expletive deleted] ablaze.

So, with 74 games left, the reality is that the Red Sox can lose 25 more games until it’s mathematically [expletive deleted] impossible for them to reach 88 wins. They will need to go 49 – 25, amassing a [expletive deleted] .662 winning percentage, from now until the end of the season just to have a chance of sniffing the second [expletive deleted] wild card spot.

Forty-nine wins. The Red Sox have only gotten [expletive deleted] 39 wins in the past 88 [expletive deleted] games.

Hell, to even reach [expletive deleted] .500 the Red Sox would need to go 42 – 32 over the last [expletive deleted] 74 games, and that’s means playing for a .568 winning percentage.

Is this feasible for a .443 team with the [expletive deleted] lowest amount of runs scored in the American League? A team that’s lumped in with [expletive deleted] the Cubs and [expletive deleted] Astros on the same level of [expletive deleted] suck right now? A team whose wins have seemed so [expletive deleted] unconvincing that finding out 15 of their [expletive deleted] measly 39 victories have come in one run [expletive deleted] nailbiters isn’t even remotely [expletive deleted] surprising?

[Expletive deleted] no. So 9 [expletive deleted] games back my [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted].

[Expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted].

Ben [expletive deleted] needs to start [expletive deleted] selling off [expletive deleted] parts of this stupid [expletive deleted] team right the [expletive deleted] now to salvage some [expletive deleted] out of this [expletive deleted] season.

The 2014 Red Sox season is [expletive deleted] over, so for [expletive deleted]‘s sake, start [expletive deleted] selling.

I’m turning in my Masshole membership card and [expletive deleted] moving out of Boston anyway, so [expletive deleted] this [expletive deleted]. Now is a great [expletive deleted] time to go fair-weather and stop paying the [expletive deleted] attention to this [expletive deleted] dismal [expletive deleted] season. To me, the Red Sox are pretty much a [expletive deleted] dead topic at this point, so [expletive deleted] it.