Cassel (l) and Porter. graphic

This was just too good to pass up and the mere fact¬†that it’s Miami linebacker Joey Porter flapping his gums again makes it even better. You will recall he had comments on the camera incident after the season was said and done as well.

Seems Joey isn’t too impressed with Matt Cassel.

I just know he’s not a Tom Brady,” Porter said. “So if it’s not Tom Brady, it shouldn’t be that hard.”

But wait with Joey there’s always more.

“It’ll be good to go out there and get our first victory.”

So let me get this straight. Joey thinks the Miami Dolphins who have already lost twice this year, including a shellacking at the hands of the (cough) Arizona Cardinals (cough), thinks they can beat the Patriots on the road.

Unless Joey lost his mind when he attacked Levi Jones at a Las Vegas casino he should know that the Dolphins have lost 20 times in the last 21 games they played. He must also know that the Patriots have won 21 consecutive regular season games.

While I understand on an given Sunday anything can happen I just don’t see the Patriots losing to Miami at home.¬† Just remember this was the guy when he was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers was once seen on the sideline in Pittsburgh screaming THEY’LL NEVER BE AT OUR LEVEL!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!” after Pittsburgh beat New England in a regular-season game in 2004.

As Richard Seymour likes to say we’ll see you on the field at 1 p.m.

Just a reminder to check out the game preview on Friday, I’ll have something special for you buried at the bottom.