It turned into Fight Night at Fenway Park on Friday night during the 8th inning just one pitch after the benches had emptied. The reason the benches emptied the first time is the fact that Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz took exception to Kevin Gregg throwing inside three straight times.

Nothing exciting happened during that little scrum and order was restored. Then on the 3-0 count, Big Papi popped the ball up to short center. As he was running down the line, slowly I might add, Gregg motioned and probably yelled to him to run to first. Obviously Papi took exception to this and went after Gregg just missing with an upper cut.

When all was said and done, Big Papi and Gregg were ejected. Also ejected after the fracas were Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Orioles reliever Jim Johnson. Or as Steve pointed out on Twitter, the infamous Salty Johnson ejections.

Here’s what happened for your enjoyment: