Following the widespread pandemic of the famous COVID-19, which has seen several sports put on temporary hold for control, many methods have been deployed to see the reduction of the spread, which in turn lets the entertainment industry and sports resume its activities.

NFL and NFLPA are also researching several ways that will ensure the safety of players during the 2020 campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic, with some best high roller casino still functioning.

The current measures to be taken that are being discussed are to see the players put on  face shields to help prevent any unwanted flow of bodily fluids as it will be covering both the nose and mouth. And according to reports, Oakley has already made purchase few prototypes to teams for their players to test, Los Angeles Rams are included.

Rusell Wilson, who plays as a quarterback for Seattle Seahawks, was spotted to have started wearing the face shields in preparation for the upcoming campaign, and casino en ligne en france giving impressive odds ahead of the season.

Dec 1, 2019; Glendale, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald (99) leaves the field carrying his helmet, pads and jersey following the game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Having taken this serious, Los Angeles Rams have taken the proper measures to ensure a virus-free environment in their facilities. However, defensive tackle Aaron Donald has taken to media to show his displeasure of putting on the face shields or any equipment for the upcoming season.

Speaking to Pro Football Talk via Charean Williams, Donald said: “Honestly, I probably won’t even put that on, I need air when I’m out there running around and breathing with them long drives and stuff. I feel like, we’re out there; we’re playing up close. There is nothing you can do. If a guy got it and I tackle the guy, then I probably got it because he is going to be sweating and spitting and slobbering all in my face. So, hopefully, these guys are just doing what they need to do. The shields, they say it works, but I don’t think it would, because the way football is played. Like I just said, that’s on guys doing what they need to do the right way outside of this facility, as long as guys do that, we’ll be fine.”

The defensive tackle comments on the types of equipment have stirred comments from other players all around the NFL like Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett and Houston Texans’ J.J Watt. Considering they all play in the most taxing positions in the league, the face shields might just do nothing but limit the amount of oxygen for them.