The NHL finally unveiled their new look uniforms to the public on Monday. They are modeled after uniforms that were worn in the Olympics. They have an European flair to them. The new Reebok uniforms are supposed to be lighter, more durable and allow the players to skate faster. The NHL All-Stars will be wearing the new uniforms in the All-Star game on Wednesday night.

I never played hockey but I have skated and I would like to know how a uniform makes you skate faster. Here are the facts about the new uniforms:

The uniforms are 14% lighter in pregame weight, the equivalent of more than a 6-ounce puck in weight. Current jerseys and socks absorb moisture from sweat, ice and water bottles, Jennings says. But water repellent “Bead Away” technology allows the new duds to retain 76% less moisture. “The players’ eyes bug out when they see it,” he says. The result? The lighter, drier uniforms generated 9% less wind drag in wind tunnel tests at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That will translate into faster, “less fatigued” players.

The new uniforms are more ergonomically fitted to a player’s body, shoulder and elbow pads, pants and shin guards. But newer fabrics such as stretch mesh actually give players greater range of motion because the uniforms move with their bodies. Impact tests indicate the uniform’s new “core body protector,” or new hockey pants, generates 61% more hip protection.

Ventilated “Play Dry” fabric helps wick away sweat and heat buildup, keeping players 4 to 10 degrees cooler, according to thermal lab tests at Central Michigan University. The newer, more rugged construction materials will double the life span of uniforms.

If you want to see how some of the other uniforms look, head on over 2k Sports Online. They have pictures of the new team uniforms.

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