buffet line

While waiting for my lasagna to cook (yes ladies you heard that right, this man can cook)¬†and not too much going on in the local sports here and Ian off at “The Rent”, where the UConn Huskies enjoyed a 40-16 victory over Cincinnati on Homecoming, I figured I’d give you sort of a potpourri or pot luck, maybe even a smorgasbord of stuff in the news. Now sit down, shut up and hold on because this ride is about to start.

I already told you the Huskies won today, Ian will have the recap later but did you know that:

  1. It was their first win over Cincinnati in five tries?
  2. Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis was on the sidelines today cheering on his beloved Bearcats?

Looks like several NFL players failed some drug tests in the last week or so and sources are saying that three of the players are members of the New Orleans Saints. And no their names aren’t Brees or Bush.

Couple quick announcing miscues, CBS’s Gary Danielson on the Georgia-LSU game pulled a Joey Tribiani as used “supposably” in the broadcast. And Jon Congemi who did the analysis on the UConn game couldn’t stop calling Brad Kanuch (Kahn-Yoo), Brad Cain-uck. Just bad prep on Congemi’s part.

The Indianapolis Colts (or for listener’s of WEEI’s Big Show…Cults, way to go Beefy) are denying that Peyton Mannings additional procedure was due to a staph infection.

If the weather cooperates tonight in Philly it’s Game Three of the Fall Classic between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies. Matt Garza and Jamie Moyer start for their clubs. Which Rays player do you think will draw the ire of Philly fans and end up dodging batteries the next three games? I hope someone picks Johnny Gomes off on the bench.

Do you realize I came this close to predicting the World Series match up? In February I called Boston and Philadelphia.

Speaking of baseball, maybe managing has affected his thought process but Willie Randolph turned down a job coaching with the Washington Nationals. Maybe he’s on Theo’s list for the new first base coach in Boston? What does Bob say? “I doubt it”.

So when does a middle aged African-American male look like an African-American teenage girl? When you’re dealing with Isiah Thomas that’s when.

Here’s some news from a coach who hasn’t been dropped on his head lately nor OD’d on sleeping pills. Celtics head coach Doc Rivers thinks the Green can repeat. Doc you do that and they may build a statue for you in the Gah-den concourse.

Is it me or does the voice of the UConn Huskies, Joe D’Ambrosio, need to lose the beard? Damn, that must have been written by the Inside Track bitches how did that get in here?

Checking in with some NASCAR Sprint Cup chase news…gotcha didn’t I?


Oh did anyone else catch that former Hartford Whalers prospect, St. Louis Blues¬†goalie Manny Legace took a header and hurt his hip the other night when he slipped on the carpet put on the ice for the Nation’s top hockey mom?

What is it about high schools named Athens and feel good stories about kids getting their one chance to play in a game?

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Santonio Holmes got issued a summons for pot possession by a Pittsburgh cop the other day. Now the Steelers have deactivated Holmes following the incident.

The NFL has voided the contract of St. Louis Rams interim head coach Jim Haslett due to a clause that would have allowed him to secure the job for 2009 if he won six games.

Don’t forget the Patriots play Sunday at 1 p.m. on FOX.