While the primary focus of the site is the Boston Red Sox, UConn Huskies and New England Patriots, you do know that we dabble in some other subjects on here as well.

And even with the addition of a new category, footwear, we plan to keep our focus on those three things while having some fun with the footwear category.

Everyone is always fascinated with what shoes players are wearing in all the different sports. So I thought to myself, I see these press releases all the time about new shoes for the different sports so why not add it to the site.

Basically the plan for this section is to post the press releases from the various athletic shoe manufacturers along with the pictures of the shows. We'll also look for releases from the various shoe stores as well about the different shoes.

Plus we all love when athletes do commercials. So we'll add videos of the athletes promoting the shoes as well. And we'll even go back and post some retro commercials.

For now though, we won't be featuring them on the home page just yet. You'll be able to find them in the other topics section (footwear) for now.

As I said above, the focus on the site is those three main subjects. This is more for fun right now.

Down the line, if it works out, I hope to be able to spin this category off into it's own site.

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